27 August 2010

The Old Dragoon : Black on Goldenrod is my mood today.

  Greetings, programs for my first post to this, the blog where I will be musing on pretty much anything that crosses my mind- which more or less means gaming, media, and general life.  I'm mildly annoyed that there's no Korinna font for this thing.  See, I'm in a particular mood - an old school mood.  You'll see that a lot, I think, unless the alien overlords steal my brain.

  Anyway, I hate to say it, but I think Wizards Of The Coast has enticed me to drink the kool-aid and purchase the new Red Box and give 4e one... more... try.  But to do so they created the new Red Box, complete with Larry Elmore artwork and a revision of 4e some are calling "4.5" or "3.75", which has more of what I considered the D&D feel than 4e did at launch.  I just downloaded the new character sheets for the Red Box Game Day, and they're on goldenrod paper with old Elmore and Easley art.  Tugs at my grognard heartstrings.

  Over the course of this blog, you'll probably hear a lot of my thoughts on gaming.  Past, present, future.  It's kind of what defines me, so it's what I'll be writing a lot about.  I hope my future posts will be more interesting, and longer - but it's time to go home on a Friday, and well, I'm getting the hell outta here.  Clear skies!