14 January 2011

Updates on The Old Dragoon

  My apologies for the length of time since I posted last.

  Since I last blathered on to you kind readers I have begun classes with American Military University in hopes of completing my BA in Military History, with a firm intention of rolling straight into their Master's program.  I want to teach, my friends, and I've waited far too long to finish my education to be able to do so.  Thus far I am taking COLL100 - Fundamentals of Online Learning and HIST300 - Research Methods in History.  Both have proven to be more interesting than they sound, and I've even been assigned to do my term paper in HIST300 on Dungeons and Dragons!  I can't wait to dig into that.

  My Serenity campaign has been taken over by another GM, and in its place I am running an AD&D game, first edition.  I find it humorous that while I love AD&D, I would almost rather be playing BX or BECMI D&D so that the fiddly bits of the rules don't get in the way of the story.  That's a huge turnaround from how I used to be, loving every minute crunchy rule and detail in a game.  I've struck something of a balance, I think, with my other gaming that is influencing me drift ever more rules-lighter than my previous games.  I'm really looking at doing something with FATE - and FATE may become the new system for the Royal Dragoon Guards after all.

  In reference to the AD&D game, one of my players asked "How complicated can it be?"  For those who would ask the same question, please hop over to Dragonsfoot and check out their first edition downloads.  Along with a lot of great fan-made modules and cheat sheets, there's a document called ADDICT.  The Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Initiative Combat Table.  This simple document explains all the intricacies of surprise, initiative and combat in first edition AD&D - in 20 short pages.  OK, so a good chunk of that are examples, but still...

  So.  New Year.  I've got an "A" average in both my classes so far.  Haven't missed a day of WiiFit yet since starting back on my regimen on 3 Jan.  Been back on Atkins with the wife, and have been cooking more.  For those of you who like low carb, check out George Stella's web site for some awesome low-carb tips.  I got one of his cookbooks for Christmas, and thus far everything we've tried has been amazing.

  Now... to make sure I keep my blog updated with more information for all of you who actually read it.  That's right, both of you.  Take care, all.  Hopefully my next post will have some good news about our homestudy being scheduled.