10 January 2018

2018- What's The Old Dragoon Looking Forward To?

  Life goes by pretty fast, or so Ferris Bueller tells us.  My last D&D And Me was in November.  Holidays, parenthood, work, life.  As I type this I'm at my desk at work pushing out updates to 162 computers, a process that looks like it will still be running when I head home.  So, time enough at last.

  I'm going to be continuing D&D And Me, of course.  BECMI was my first version of D&D, so next stop is AD&D 1e.  Then 2e.  I love recalling my first experiences with these books and games.  Takes me back to my happy place.  And I love sharing those experiences on the blog, so others can reminisce a little.  Since I've gotten involved with OSR gaming and North Texas RPG Con, I find myself stuck between the REAL grognards and a coupla generations of younger folks that come after.  Much like my role as Zane and Kaylee's dad, I'm kinda in a Dad role while the first generation of gamers who attend NT are the grandparental figures.

  I'm continuing on my Big Project with my writing partner Bobby and Evil Beagle Games.  The project isn't moving as fast as I'd hoped. I wanted it out by now- but I vastly underestimated the effect Real Life has on writing.  Being a special needs dad takes a toll on energy and free time.  I hope to squeeze in a couple of OSR projects this year- small things. Adventure modules, etc.  I'm beginning a course in Desktop Publishing next week to take my 22-year-old Quark Express knowledge and self-taught MS Publisher knowledge and add a brand new bunch of Adobe InDesign skills.  This is, of course, to help get projects Bobby and I want to do out the door under our own imprint.

  OSR is still a thing for me.  Why?  Because the core system is just so damn intuitive to me.  I want to contribute, and I want to PLAY.  White Box Gothic sounds GREAT.  White Lies, the spy RPG, sounds like a good alternative to Top Secret until NWO releases.  Guardians is fun for quick superhero pick-ups, even quicker than old-school Marvel.  There's a lot of goodness in the OSR, and a lot of friends are active in the scene.

  New games?  Well, I'm eagerly awaiting my Delphi Council Box for the new TORG game.  I just got the PDF for the Savage Worlds Flash Gordon game.  I'm re-reading Cubicle 7's beautiful Lone Wolf RPG, based on the Joe Dever books of the same name that got me through Freshman Algebra.  And I hold out a hopeless hope that Mekton Zero will finally drop at some point.

  Oh, and I have to learn the My Little Pony RPG- Kaylee spent some of her Christmas money on it, and so Daddy is going to have to GM.  Equestria, here I come.