26 September 2012

Long awaited update...

  This past weekend the Royal Dragoons hosted an Open Game Day, which was attended by Jeff Dee, who presented a demo of his new game, Cavemaster.  We invited a lot of folks, a LOT of folks... in the end, we had around thirty participants.  What was nice was we saw some folks we haven't seen in quite some time - Sean, Patrick, Sarah, Kathy, Alan, Mitchell and especially Larry.  Was good to see you all.  More about that in a bit.

  Life updates before I get all philosophical.  Everyone who reads my sporadic posts is pretty well aquainted with my hectic life.  In fact, I'll have to post most posts as I can about some of the revelations I've had recently thanks to life, children and the therapist I've been seeing for almost a year now.  Anyway...  From a maximum weight of 308, I am now down to 265 on my way to my TXSG weight of 217.  Actually, I'm shooting for 200.  Nice round number - one I haven't seen since my junior year of High School, but what the hell, right?  Gotta have goals.  I am two classes away from my BA - I finish my last final this week for the current semester, then I start Korean War History and War and Society on Monday.  By just after Thanksgiving, I'll be done.  Huzzah.  On the kid front, we've had some great frustration with CPS and our daycare arrangements that required me to spend three days off work taking care of K.  I loved every minute of it.  She and I had some wonderful daddy-daughter time.

  Remember that moment in Jurassic Park when people freaked out when they realized Raptors could open doors?  Problem-solving intelligence?  Well, my 16-month-old has shown me in the past days that not only does she understand the relationship between the X-Box controller and the television, but she understands that Cat5 cable goes into the wall (and attempted to plug one in herself) and that the "Windows" key on my keyboard makes something immediately happen on my PC or laptop.  Holy crap this little girl is SHARP.

  Anyway...  so the mediation was yesterday where the parties to the case discussed the future of the kiddos.  and after angsting about what was going to come out of that meeting I find out we're not ALLOWED to know what happened in that meeting.  As Foster Parents of less than one year in duration, we're still not legally parties to the case.  Still just the babysitters.  Damnit.

  I'll have some gaming-related posts later this week.  Since I'm finishing my classwork tomorrow AM hopefully, I'll have some time to post about the awesome stuff I've come across in the last couple of months...