28 September 2010

Role-Playing on Eternia?

  Just had a conversation about basing a D&D dungeon crawl on The Fortress of Fangs since I've also been thinking about doing 4e writeups of all the action figures as 1st-level characters.  During this discussion, I brought up other toy, cartoon and comic-based fortresses that would be fun in a role-playing context.  Of course, Castle Grayskull came up.

  Here's the pitch for a game that spontaneously erupted from my brain (Transcribed from Yahoo IM Chat):
I also always dug Castle Grayskull.
I've always thought there's cool room for play in the He-Man world, too.
I like the way it seems to mesh sorcery and science.
You'd have to do it in an age either before or after the Eternia we all know from the shows and comics, though.
But I can well imagine a band of adventurers, weary from being harried by beastmen and marauders of all description...
Starving, out of water, beaten by relentless sandstorms in the cruel Eternian desert...
They hear the piercing cry of a falcon, and looking up into the sand-swept sky they make out the form of a bird of prey, circling.
At first they take it for a common vulture, waiting to pick their bones after they succumb to thirst and the storm...
But then they realize it's circling ever so slowly away, almost as if it is leading them.
As the storm breaks, they find themselves standing on a craggy expanse of alternating rock and salt flat, staring across a wide-open plane at the center of which stands an ominous fortress with a skull visage staring eyelessly in their direction.
The falcon flies to the grim castle and lights on one of the towers, watching the weary travellers expectantly...

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