27 October 2010

Time gets away from you.

  So here we are, having spent every Saturday and Sunday, and even a few weeknights in Foster Parent Training.  Here's the part of the blog where I talk about parenthood for a moment.  I think they're trying to scare off the folks who aren't dedicated to becoming foster parents, because a lot of what you hear are worst-case scenarios.  Developmentally abnormal, taking psychotropic drugs to control mental issues, associative or cognitive disorders...  Sometimes you have to take a step back and remember that this is precisely why these are the kids that need a good, loving home to call their own.

  That said, I am tired.  Exhausted.  Weekends are classes and mandatory bonus fun, since the only way I seem to be able to unwind and relax is gaming with friends.  This means very little downtime - and we've been hit with some pretty strong emotional punches in this last few days.  Two weeks ago, my wife's cousin took his own life.  This was followed by my oldest uncle going into the hospital for cancer surgery.  Then my wife lost her job to a layoff, along with many of her work friends.  This was then followed up with finding out that my uncle's test results had come back, and he's been diagnosed with stage four cancer.  The worlds 'pallative care' still make me shudder.

  If there's anyone at all out there in internet land who reads this, I apologise first off for not updating in two weeks.  Second, I'm sorry this one is such a downer.  It's not all bad, though.  I'm still rolling dice here and there, and doing some maneuvering and planning to get in some of the game ideas I'd really love to see played out.  My MechWarrior campaign has shed about half its players, leaving me with The Nine - players who are not only excited to be involved, but are now having an amazing time since I'm no longer experiencing GM overload.  Having a large, well-organized club centered around an RPG is still an idea I want to explore in the future - but for now, we're going to lay the real groundworh with The Nine, and see where it goes from there.  At the very least, we've got some amazing roleplaying to do.

  My Space Romans game, blogged about earlier, needs to happen someday.  Likewise my Robotech II : The Sentinels treatment, and an as-yet-undefined fantasy campaign.  I've finally run into how frustrating it must be to have myself in a game situation, in that now that I've found that I actually like Dungeons and Dragons Essentials, I seem to be unable to convince one of my best players to give it a shot.  As my gaming has become more and more like work, and less like fun, I've been giving some real thought of what to cut and what to keep, and what players I want in whatever part I keep going post-parenthood etc.  I have a "Dream Team" in my head, the problem is getting them all together in the same room regularly.

  I'm going to try and do a post soon on Strands of FATE, as I've gotten the PDF and it looks brilliant.  We'll see where time and mood have me over these next few days.  As my mental health deteriorates from all this stress and worry, I've asked my boss for two days of vacation, and he's agreed.  So tomorrow, and Friday I'm off work.  Mental Health Days, here I come.

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