27 June 2011

Another month, another blog.

I really hate the amount of time that seems to go by between these blog entries.

I've just finished another semester at AMU.  Another A, and another A or B+, depending on how Professor Fliegelman decides to finish up.  All in all, I'm pretty pleased - although a pair of As will make me VERY pleased.

No word yet on the Foster Care license.  We're coming up on six weeks, so the four-to-six figure our agent gave us is almost up.  We'll see what happens - I am excited and cautious at the same time.  I realized one of my friends from High School has a son who's a junior at the school we graduated from.  Really drives home that Mary and I are starting late.

Speaking of which, my birthday just passed- 25 JUN.  My old scouting/JROTC buddy Jimmy Navarro reminded me that if we were in Logan's Run, I'd be running right now.  Thanks for pointing that out, man.  I'm now a year away from my "late" 30s and find it kinda depressing that I have not reached parenthood or college graduation yet. 

On the bright side, I won a WoTC writing contest.  I know, pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of life, but it made me feel good.  The prize was a copy of the Shadowfell boxed set and a display box of the Encounter Cards.  Pretty nice haul for 200 words.  Of course, I had a very difficult time trimming my entry to 200 words.  I was told 200 words was an opening sentence for me.  You know, that's not far from the truth with my writing style.

You know, I was going to write some more about gaming... but contemplating age and lack of real accomplishment has kinda soured it for me...

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