07 January 2013

Happy New Year, Dear Readers.

  Today is Monday, 7 January 2013.  I am going to try valiantly to publish something worth reading every week of 2013, and Monday is my target day to do so.  At my day job, Monday is the day I generally take stock of what needs to get done over the course of the rest of the week, with work, home life, hobby life, etc.  The rest of the week is for implementation, especially Friday as that's the day that our classroom utilization is much lower allowing me to do the maintenance that is my main function.  So Mondays are when I plan to blog, and I'd love to make sure there's something fun here to read for the whole seven of you who like The Old Dragoon.

  So, how was my Christmas and New Year holiday?  Exhausting is the first word that comes to mind, but amazing is the second.  This was in many ways our first real Christmas as parents.  Last year we were beset with water leak issues, getting used to being parents, living in a hotel... there were lots of things that made the Christmas season a blur.  This year, Z and K are both firmly entrenched as "our" kids and Christmas felt like Christmas - and now I can see why parents all over find magic in the holiday.  The Z-Man is now a confirmed Star Wars fan.  I mean talking about lightsabers and Obi-Wan and Luke and wearing a Darth Vader mask around the house and everything.  Oh, and I did get him the Playskool Millennium Falcon like I said I would.  The hinge breaks a lot, but we still have fun with it...  I digress.  Christmas was awesome.  Playing with the kids, taking them to visit family, listening to K sing "Purr, purr purr..." when we sing Soft Kitty to her.  More of those magic parent moments that are so deeply touching.

  New Year's Eve?  Gaming, what else?  We played Cyberpunk.  The original Cyberpunk 2013 boxed set.  Why?  Because it's 2013, chombatta.  I own two copies of CP2013, one of which is my battered and well-loved copy from 1987 and the second is a PRISTINE copy I got at Half-Price Books for $7.98 a few years back.  On Ebay now that would cost me over $100 - I checked, I wanted to score one for my players.  Not at those prices.  Luckily, I have PDFs and a printer.  Anyway, the game was a lot of fun.  We rolled up characters becuase everyone present enjoys lifepaths.  I always love how a lifepath gives players some roleplaying meat to chew on for a brand new character.  In example - Bobby Dean's netrunner PC rolled life events that indicated he was accused of murder, and imprisoned for ten years.  That became a backstory in which my wife's PC was his younger sister, and he was recruited by the mob while in prison.  Mary's PC is dating the cop who put her brother away, in order to get information to clear his record.  Coupla die rolls, and a lot of roleplaying material for two of the PCs involved.  We had a blast, thanks to Clint, Dixie, Randi and Bobby for helping Mary and I make NYE 2013 memorable.  Z and K slept through the game, thankfully... GRIN...

  What can you expect from The Old Dragoon's blog in 2013?  Well, I hope to do what I've been doing, only better and more frequently.  My top ten games seemed to generate some interest, so I've been asked to do some more in-depth reviews and visit some other games on my also-ran or honorable mention lists.  I've got a lot of 'em, lemme tell you.  There's also some things I'd like to post about GM concepts, the Royal Dragoon Guards and our associated projects, story inspiration for gamers and other things.  Whatever comes out, I promise I'll try not to make it read like stereo instructions.

See you next week (crosses fingers)...

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