28 February 2011

One Semester Down...

  Well, that was a quick eight weeks.  And a challenging one.  COLL 100 Foundations of Online Learning and HIST 300 Research Methods in History are under my belt, leaving me 61 hours to complete my degree.  I have 35 credits I can't use which represent a significant amount of time and tuition I used a decade ago that aren't doing me any good right now.  Kinda frustrating.  Oh, well.

  These two classes I've just completed were eye-opening for me.  They really showed me it's time to kick in the spurs and get back to serious academics.  These classes aren't the walk in the park I thought going back to college would be.  I did a lot of reasearch and writing in the last eight weeks, and I'm proud of my paper on the history of the roleplaying hobby and all the hours of reading and researching that went into it.  Oh, and the $100+ of old books I purchased to help in that endeavor.

  My next classes up for bids are MILH201 Introduction to Military History and ANTH100 Introduction to Anthropology.  I'm looking quite forward to both of them.  This will be my first course specific to my major.  Huzzah.

  I get a week off.  Then it's back to the books.  Things are going quite swimmingly.

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