09 February 2011

Time, time time... See what's become of me...

  Time does get away from me.  At this point, I'm past the mid-term in my 8-week semester.  I'm on the downhill rolling toward the two research papers I have to write for my final exams.  One is on the use of gaming in education, the other is on the history of the D&D game.  Both topics I have quite a bit of interest in, but it's been over a decade since I have had to write a scholarly work.  I'm trying very hard to get back into the swing of things academically.  Mary being back in school makes things interesting around the house, as she requires a LOT more homework and tutoring to overcome her learning disability, and I end up spending a lot more time doing some of the housework I took for granted before she started school.  I was always the cook of the family, and helped with laundry - but now things are totally flopped since I want to give her the maximum amount of study time and support I can.

  The result is one tired Old Dragoon.  I get home, I cook, clean up, work on laundry, homework... I am really missing downtime.  The two games I'm actively running are sandwiched in there, and the only thing that saves them is that the AD&D game is by design bog-standard fantasy not requiring extremely deep thought, and the Royal Dragoon Guards game is always bubbling and simmering in the back of my head.  This last I have found to be an interesting malady that many members of the RDG suffer.  Leftenants Dencourt and Eversole are always talking to me and to each other about the game, same with Sergeant Major Doyle - although he and I do also talk about The Dresden Files as well.  The DF game will be making an appearance sometime soon, when we can all find time.

  Ah, so many games, so little time.  I have found myself lately experiencing a wave of nostalgia (imagine that) and a renewed love for the old TSR games on my shelf.  Star Frontiers.  Top Secret/S.I.  Gangbusters.  D&D BECMI or Moldvay/Cook.  Hell, even Indiana Jones, which I have threatened to run as a one-shot with the Raiders of the Lost Ark module.  I am thinking of taking the time to do a blog entry here on TOD about each of those games in turn, wnd what I like about each of them.  If I can find the time to do so, I will most certainly begin the project soon.

  Speaking of projects I'd like to get around to, Catalyst Game Labs keeps vexing me by their failure to release Interstellar Operations, and their fixation on moving past their recently-released Era Report: 3052 rather than covering the Succession Wars or anything of interest to the original Battletech set.  I very much want to get back into the idea I had years ago and do a Mechwarrior RPG Boxed Set, basically, MechWarrior 2nd Edition as I would have done it.  Mad Max/Dune with 'Mechs and all.  Firmly set in an idealized and further explained version of the Third Succession War that detailed *how* the neo-feudal society with MechWarriors works.  Fill in some of the gaping logic holes in the way the military works, maybe do some thematic nerfing of tanks etc. to make sure there's a good reason 'Mechs are Lords of the Battlefield...  Oh, this is a pet project I would so love to to...  But time...  Time...

  I have to go back to work on my research papers now.  Just wanted all your readers out there (that's right, both of you) to know I was still here, still writing.

Until next time - Excelsior!
(Apologies to Stan Lee)

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