04 February 2013

Returning to Where no Man has Gone Before

  As long as I can remember - almost literally - I have been a Star Trek fan.  One of the first toys I have recollection of that wasn't a Fisher Price item was a wonderful model of the Star Trek : The Motion Picture Enterprise.  My uncle Jon sat on the base for it so I couldn't use the stand anymore.  I saw one at a con a few years back but wasn't wealty enough to drop the $200 it would have cost me for that little piece of nostalgia.  I had a Spock uniform t-shirt as a toddler.  My maternal grandmother hand-embroidered a TOS engineering arrowhead on a sweat shirt for me, using the Franz Josef technical manual as a guide.  I was big into Trek.  BIG into Trek.  Somewhere along the line, that love began to run as an underground river.  I got out of Trek-specific fandom, haven't run a Trek RPG in years, and have focused on other things.

  Lately, I have been thinking about the wonderful age when I first began to really dig into the world of Star Trek.  TNG had not yet premiered.  When you said Trek, you meant the original crew.  No bloody A, B, C or D.  The Holy Bible of Trek Geeks was the Franz Josef Star Fleet Technical Manual.  Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise was a close second.  LOTS of fandom publications could be found at cons, like the Star Fleet Line Officer Requirements series I was just looking at earlier today.  FASA's Star Trek roleplaying game and ship combat game were brilliant for the time.  The miniatures stared at me from the advertisement in Starlog magazine.  It was truly an awesome time to be a Trek fan.  Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock, Voyage Home.  Monster Maroons were the standard uniform, and I saved many Luby's paychecks to purchase my set.  I proudly wore them to school.

  I am organizing some thoughts to expound on this... but I will admit the tiny keyboard attached to my tablet and the parental duties of the hour force me to come back to this later in the week.  There are thoughts here... stick around and you'll hear them.

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