04 March 2013

So... even when asleep I think about gaming...

  I slept through most of yesterday due to being sick with some form of creeping crud that's going around here.  I remember before being a parent that I very, very rarely got sick.  Now I seem to have a sniffle of some sort every couple of months...  Anyway, last night I got my first good night's sleep in about four weeks.  The Good Lord smiled upon us and both kids slept through the night.  What a welcome surprise.  While I was sleeping, I dreamed I was working on a Savage Worlds conversion for the Royal Dragoon Guards campaign.

  Last weekend we took Savage Worlds for a spin at the character level, and it seems everyone really enjoyed it.  The Savage Battletech fan conversion by Discord Company is a great start.  This document is in its twelfth version as of this blog post, and contains information not only for character creation, but for 'Mech combat as well.  It had a very interesting section on the Great Houses and Clans.  The authors used the race creation rules from Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition to create a zero-sum pair of Edges and Hindrances to give characters the feel of House Davion, House Liao and other factions.  In my dream I was creating these for the Houses Minor of the planet Royal.  I decided to do that in the waking world as a part of our thoughts on replacing A Time of War with a simpler, faster-moving system.

House DeChevalier

  The House of DeChevalier held the ducal title of Royal until the Second Succession War, when their resources became inadequate to maintain the planetary militia to the standards of the March Lord, Archduke Sandoval.  The DeChevaliers maintained County over County DeChevalier, albeit with a much diminished esteem from their fellow Houses Minor.  The DeChevaliers recently rediscovered an ancient Star League-era manufacturing facility deep beneath the mountains of their barren holding, and have begun a rapid return to power and economic favor.

Barren Fief - The lands of House DeChevalier are notoriously barren of all but mineral resources.  Natives of these lands receive a free d6 in Survival.

Out of Favor at Court - The von Kalmens know the DeChevaliers are looking to regain the throne of Royal and react accordingly.  von Kalmen characters react at -4 to characters loyal to the DeChevalier family.

I will have to detail House DeChevalier and House Eversole when I have more time...

Until Tomorrow, when I (hopefully) add to his article!

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