11 July 2015

D&D 30-Day Challenge: Day 14- Favorite NPC.

I have a LOT of favorite NPCs.  My group tells me that I tend to create some NPCs that are more colorful than some of the party members.  I dunno if that's a compliment to my GM style or an insult to some of my players...

In MechWarrior, Captain Ivan Sergeevich Tukachevski was an armor commander attached to the Royal Dragoon Guards.  He had a habit of drinking constantly and never appearing drunk- he also used every available space aboard his command track to store alcohol, which he euphemistically referred to as "Breakfast."  Ivan Sergeevich was a favorite of mine to play, and a definite favorite of my players, but he wasn't in D&D.

In Shadowrun, Dr. Ho was another player favorite, and favorite of mine to play.  He was named for the scientist in the American sentai parody Dynaman.  I played him as a mashup of Egg Shen and Lo Pan.  He owned an underground clinic frequented by shadowrunners and other SINless folk where he used a combination of Eastern and Western medicine and magic.  He was terribly fond of Twinkies, and had trouble with the bioware-heavy PC who would eat far more than her share of his munchies when under his care.  He also had a habit of practially spitting the name of one of the other PCs - "Ess-po-SEET-oh!" as if it were the harshest curse or rebuke in one of the many languages he spoke.  But Dr. Ho was also not in D&D.

My favorite D&D NPC would have to be Aleena Halloran, yes, THAT Aleena.  I don't always care for 2nd editions or re-writes, but when the AD&D Mystara material said Aleena was alive and working with the Order of the Gryphon, I took it and ran with it.  I used Aleena as a middleweight go-between to give the Order of the Gryphon PCs their marching orders and sometimes join the party for a little extra clerical oomph.  I'm glad the 2nd Edition AD&D rewrite made this change, since like many other players who grew up with Menzer Basic I can never forgive Bargle for slaying the beautiful young Cleric who healed my first battle wound.

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