16 July 2015

D&D 30-Day Challenge: Day 23- Least Favorite Monster Overall

This one is short and sweet.  The frigging Tarrasque.  I can't stand this monster.  The mere existence of the Tarrasque makes players assume they will one day be powerful enough to face one down.

The Tarrasque is like Galactus, you don't try to defeat it head-on.  It's more a plot device than a monster.  Sure, if it has HP it can be killed, but let's be reasonable here.

OK, soap box time for a sec.  For me, the sweet spot in D&D is the climb from 1st Level to Name Level.  Becoming a true hero is where a lot of the fun of the game is.  Now, the teen levels see characters become more competent, maybe even becoming rulers of their own lands or heads of Magic-User schools or Thieves Guilds.  At this point you're regionally powerful but not so much so as to be challenging the Immortals.  The 20s, for me, are kind of out of where I like to run.  Doubly so the 30s.  Now we're dealing with a completely different kind of game than standard D&D.  Post-36 PCs can try to ascend to immortality themselves which is again a completely different game.  Something like the Tarrasque is only a possible fight to these high-level situations, and those are not situations I really enjoy DMing.  The Tarrasque represents that power level and all it implies, and for that reason it's my least favorite monster.

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