03 July 2015

D&D 30-Day Challenge: Day 9 - Favorite PC You'd Like to Play

This is a strange question.  Does this mean a pre-gen, or someone else's PC, or a concept for a character I'd like to play?

If we're talking pre-gen, then my answer is clear.  Let's go back to DL1 Dragons of Despair, the first module in the Dragonlance campaign, published by TSR way back in 1984.

Dragonlance was something new- an epic series of modules and source material that told a deep story and fleshed out a new campaign world, Krynn.  The PCs had the opportunity to quite literally save the world from evil.  The original presentation of the modules included all sorts of immersive information including sheet music for Goldmoon's song and an eventual book that included Krynnish recipes and poetry.  The Companions that would become so familiar from the novels were included here as pre-generated characters for players to use.

I.  Call.  Sturm. 

Sturm Brightblade, the son of a disgraced knight in a waning order of knighthood.  The young man who so stridently upholds the ideals that knighthood once held dear that he surpasses in the eyes of many knights with a more noble pedigree.  He has nothing but the gear he carries and the ancient armor and sword he wears, but he fights to uphold the Code and the Measure.  To dream the impossible dream, right?

That's my choice for a D&D character I'd love to play that I have never had the opportunity to play.  I think he would be a lot of fun and provide some great roleplaying opportunities for a party.

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