16 July 2015

D&D 30-Day Challenge: Day 21- Favorite Dragon

Favorite Dragon, eh?  How to answer.  My gut instinct is to say Tiamat from the D&D Cartoon.  How can you not love a giant multichromatic she-beast with the voice of Frank Welker?  The only thing in the Realm that can scare Venger?  But the question does specify color, type etc. 

If I have to pick, I'm going to go with the good old Red Dragon.  This is partially due to the classic pieces of Elmore artwork that sold me on D&D in the first place, and partially because the Red Dragon is something of the default "fire-breathing dragon" of legend.  When people think "dragon" they think one that breathes plumes of fire, like Smaug, thus my choice.  I will say it was a difficult one to come to, since the other dragons of the BECMI game can be just as interesting if not moreso.  The Green Dragon and its poison gas cloud comes as a surprise to players who haven't memorized their monster listings.  Likewise the lightning bolt of the Blue Dragon.  Don't get me started on Black Dragons.  *shudder*  I lost my first PC that made it to high level to a Black Dragon- our DM at the time, Daniel Varner, ruled that acid damage could not be healed by magic or potions, it had to be healed naturally over time.  That made Black Dragons extremely dangerous.  They'd be my pick if I weren't still pissed off about losing that Magic-User to a tragic feedbag accident.  (We were tweens, OK?)

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