16 July 2015

D&D 30-Day Challenge: Day 22- Favorite Monster Overall

My favorite monster overall?  Well, I've never seen a monster WEAR overalls.

I kid, I kid.

Boy, this is a tough one.  Coming up on 30 years of D&D and I've fought or used as a DM metric craptons of monsters from across many books and even game systems.  There are monsters I use a LOT- but that doesn't necessarily follow that they're my favorite, just that they are common in the climate or game world I tend to run.  So what's my favorite?

Orcs.  Gotta be orcs. 

Why?  Because they are basically unattractive humans.  This means that Orcs can be used in any way you can imagine humans being used.  If you need barbaric warriors Orcs will do.  If you need a highly technological society of methodical conquerors, Orcs.  Evil wizard need an army?  Orcs.  Restless native tribe aggressively resisting civilized incursion into their territory?  Orcs.

Orcs are versatile, they're a good match for most low-level PCs in moderate numbers and they can and do exist in not-moderate numbers for when the PCs are a bit higher in level.  They can make use of most equipment made for PC races, and therefore sometimes carry good equipment to salvage.  They can be tribal, they can have cities.  They're a great monster to use for all sorts of things, including being a mirror for human behaviors.

I like Orcs.  Especially these kind:

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